Build a Computer

Building your own computer to exactly match your budget and requirements can bring a lot of satisfaction.

In this course you will get guidance on component selection before purchasing the components and building the computer. Alternatively, if you just want to learn without purchasing a computer students can dismantle and assemble a pre-built computer.

This course is an ideal introduction for those looking to build their own computer or those looking at a career as a PC Technician.

Course Outline




Build a PC to your specification from components. This course is usually run as a one-2-one course, or a with a group building a single computer.


Specification & component selection

We will discuss your individual requirements and talk through the various options (processors, memory, disk, graphics card, motherboards, etc). You will be provided with a shopping list and some recommended places to purchase the components.

Build and setup

Once you have all your components we will schedule a build day. We will build your computer, install the operating system and test it.


Full price individual: £144 (reduced from £160)

Concession individual: £108 (reduced from £120)

Full price pair working on the same robot: £216 (reduced from £240)

Concession pair working on the same robot: £180 (reduced from £200)

Group of up to 8: £600

Prices above are for tuition only. You will purchase your own components. Depending on specification this will be between £300 and £900.

Skills you should have before you attend

None required

Skills you will pick up in the course

Key skill categories


This 2-day course is scheduled on request