Artificial Intelligence Courses

Program a computer to make decisions and learn.

Artificial intelligence is a field that is constantly evolving and improving, and it will continue to do so for the forseeable future. AI is working its way into every aspect of our lives. Building skills in AI is a good bet for an exciting and fruitful career.

Our AI courses assume good programming skills but no previous AI experience.


All our courses are project based. We use a workspace environment rather than a classroom environment to encourage experimentation, collaboration and creativity. We won't spend a long time learning the all the theory. We will get stuck right into hands-on activity from the start, working quickly to pick up a handful of concepts that will allow us to build a simple working prototype. This will provide a base from which more advanced concepts can be added.

Playing Strategy Games

Our beginners Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course focuses on building algorithms to play the Connect 4 strategy game. Starting with a simple (but not very intelligent!) approach to game play, we will add more sophisticated algorithms that will make it very hard to beat.

Further Help

We encourage you to take the projects you start in our courses further in your own time. We also encourage you to start your own projects. One-to-one Tuition is available to provide support. Our Personal Projects sessions provide a way to get a new or stalled project moving with a focussed half-day, full-day or full-weekend session.